The Student Parent Advisory Center (SPAC) exists to offer students thorough assistance in crafting their academic plans, whether they are a prospective or continuing student. SPAC’s free consultation covers comprehensive academic guidance and a personalized degree plan, all to ensure students’ success in obtaining a degree that will support their future professional goals. Students must consult with the Student Parent Advisory Center (SPAC), located on ground floor. Click here to be redirected to the SPAC page.


Consult with our academic advisors at the Student and Parent Advisory Center to:
● Get insight into various education options available in Indonesia, the U.S, or other parts of the world, in order to obtain your degree in the fastest, most certain and most affordable way.
● Create a customized degree plan based on your personal academic goals, majors of interest, and preferred destination university to pursue your bachelor’s degree.
● Review and update your degree plan continuously to ensure your plan is in accordance with your future career.
● Explore prospective/potential destination universities to determine the one with strong academic programs in your preferred field of study.
● Obtain a clear understanding of your transfer admission requirements (required grade point averages and any other prerequisites for admission).
● Guide you through the American College pathway, from preparing the application requirements to assisting you with the admission process, including giving you guidance on the international student visa procedure

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If you have advising-related questions and can't find answers, we recommend that you ask an advisor. 

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Student Parent Advisory Center

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