American College Program

The American College Program is the only educational program in Indonesia that allows you as a student to earn U.S. accredited university credits transferable to top 250 universities in the U.S. to complete a bachelor’s degree, and prepares you to have the best career prospects globally. Completing this unique program will equip you with core courses of which the credits can be transferred as the first two years in a U.S. university of your choice , or you can choose to stay here in Indonesia and finish your studies in Engineering  or Business  and earn a U.S. degree from Louisiana State University or Oregon State University.


Once enrolled at Sampoerna University, you are required to take classes offered in the Samporna University American College where you will take the General Education core and elective courses for up to two years in Indonesia. Our program has been co-developed with Broward College in Florida, acclaimed as one of the top 10 colleges in the United States. Our lecturers hold accreditation from Broward College, which means they could teach here at Sampoerna University in Indonesia as well as at Broward College in the U.S.

Over the course of two years, you will experience a balanced mix of General Education classes and specialized electives to ensure a strong academic foundation that prepares you to successfully transfer to your U.S. university of choice. You will have a chance to complete up to 60 credits and earn an associate degree issued by Broward College by fulfilling all requirements. During the first two years, you have the flexibility to customize your degree plan, whether it is to earn a U.S. degree by fully completing your study at Sampoerna University in Indonesia or to transfer the credits to prestigious universities in the U.S.


International Quality

The Sampoerna University American College provides you with distinguished academic programs accredited by international bodies and taught by Broward College-certified lecturers. Our program is designed to enhance your strong academic skills and critical thinking skills, as well as to equip you for innovation, leadership, and global competitiveness.

Pursue Your Success

You have the opportunity to mature and adjust to the rigorous American education prior to your transfer to the United States. Studies have shown that students taking this pathway have higher study retention and graduation rates. Moreover, they often graduate with higher GPAs than students who begin their study at a U.S. university as a first year student.


By completing the first two years at our American College Progam in Jakarta, Indonesia, parents can save up to 40 to 50 percent of the international tuition fee at America’s best universities compared to the conventional study-abroad programs.

Greater Chance of Admission

The transferable credits offered through the Sampoerna University American College are recognized by the leading American universities. As a result, you can seek admission to an American university as a transfer student rather than international freshman. That way, you have a higher chance of admission to many of the top 250 U.S. universities in any field.

Customized Degree Plan

Before enrollment and study sessions begin, our academic advisors at the Student-Parent Advisory Center will help you to review and update your degree plan to find the best options for your academic goals. Our advisors will also ensure you to stay on track in pursuing the fastest, most certain, and most affordable pathway to obtaining your American degree, and will also guide you during your transfer to study in the U.S.

Discuss your academic plan with our academic advisor at the Student-Parent Advisory Center now.