Academic Plan Simulation

Here’s how Sampoerna University American College will provide you with the fastest, most certain, and most affordable pathway to obtaining your American degree and ensure your career success globally.

Academic Degree Plan

Year 1

American College Program at Sampoerna University

Enroll and earn associate degree co-designed with Broward College by fulfilling all requirements needed

Year 2

Year 3**

Continue a 2-year study in any major of your choice at one of the top 250 universities in the U.S. by transferring ACP’s academic credits

Complete a 2-year study with LSU/OSU* in Indonesia

Year 4**


Your American degree of choice

Joint Degree from Sampoerna University  & LSU/OSU***


* Only for the Mechanical Engineering major in LSU and Business Management major in OSU
** As a student, you have the chance to complete your study in 2 years (in Indonesia or in the U.S.) if you meet all the requirements needed
*** You will earn a joint degree from Sampoerna University and LSU/OSU only if you fully complete your study at Sampoerna University in Indonesia.

Consult your academic plan with our academic advisor at the Student-Parent Advisory Center now.