English Language Teaching

The English Language Teaching program at Sampoerna University offers you the opportunity to develop the subject-matter knowledge and also to learn the best teaching and leadership practices to become a high-quality English language teacher. This includes a literacy teaching and learning, linguistics and communication, and creative writing. Here, you will have not only the ability to provide classroom instruction, but also have the social, organizational and character skills to lead changes and innovations in Indonesia’s schools.

Schedule a campus visit to find further information about this concentration and receive your education plan at the Student-Parent Advisory Center.

DEGREE Bachelor of Education from Sampoerna University

Document requirements:
1. A copy of student/parent’s ID
2. An official copy of student’s report card from the last 5 semesters
3. Secondary education completion certificate or equivalent such as:

  • High school diploma
  • Cambridge O level/Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • Other equivalent secondary qualification (e.g. Paket C, IB, ATAR, Singapore A Level, GCE A Level, SAT)
  • Official statement of the graduation from school, if you already graduated but have not received the high school diploma yet

General admissions requirement:
Successful completion of Sampoerna University Entrance Test, with a score of 60% or above

To complete your Education degree concentrated in English Language Teaching, you will have to take the required courses:
1. Classroom Management
2. Educational Psychology
3. Assesment and Evaluation
4. Instructional Design

At the final year of courses, you will take a senior design capstone project which allows you to apply your coursework to solve real-world challenges and help you prepare the life after graduation.