Erna Maria Lokollo 

Vice Dean and Lecturer of Faculty of Science and Technology
(PhD in Agriculture and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA)









Dr. Erna Maria has more than twenty-five years experiences as a researcher in socio-agro economics and policy studies, both nationally and internationally. She also serves as program leader at Regional Institute/Coordination Centre of United Nations-ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific).

Dr. Erna Maria served as a Visiting Fulbright Scholar at Cornell University and believes in cross-country collaboration in agriculture economics. Through teaching and learning sciences, she believes that both teachers and students can work together to find solutions to many life issues. “Students who study science at Sampoerna University are taught to solve the problems precisely from the core issues.

Muhammad Agni Catur Bhakti

Lecturer of Faculty of Science and Technology (PhD in Information Technology, Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia)









Agni has over ten years experience in Information Technology, including systems engineering, project management, and operations management. He has also engaged in many important research projects. For example, he designed Service-oriented Architecture for Gene, Protein, and Drug Platforms and Diagnostics, Therapeutics, and Treatment and for Computational Engineering and Bio Informatics.

He also developed a virtual solar cell project, in which the virtual prototypes could give lower the cost of solar cell experiments and more efficiency in solar technology. Dr. Agni said he enjoys teaching and sharing with students who are eager to learn. “It is so rewarding when students are able to explore a lesson further.

Maria Wahyuni

Lecturer of Faculty of Science and Technolgy
(MA Visual Communication Design, Universitas Trisakti, Indonesia)









Maria Wahyuni’s areas of expertise are graphic design and multimedia. She has a diploma from LaSalle College in Singapore, where she learned advanced graphic design methodologies and principles. Her technical skills include Desktop Publishing, Image Editing, Computer Motion Graphic, 2D Animation, 3D Modeling and Animation, and Video Editing.

Her pedagogical approach is about knowledge exchange—her students give perspective on the latest technologies and trends, and she complements this with her experience in the design industry. “As a graphic designer, you should incorporate imagination and insight, creativity and intuition, into design process”.