Sampoerna University Campus

Our campus is located at the L’Avenue, in Pancoran, Gatot Subroto. Occupying three floors of the state-of-the-art building, Sampoerna University is designed to provide the best teaching and learning campus environment for our students. All classrooms are equipped with digital presentation technology, and our labs are the only ones in Indonesia that meet the international accreditation standards used by leading U.S. universities and industry leading companies.

By providing students with access to the latest technology in their fields, we ensure that they learn to work with the international standards that will support their future career, giving them an edge over candidates who studied using outdated equipment.

Our facilities include:

  • Library with access to the vast libraries from our U.S. partners
  • Student Corner
  • Student Lounge
  •  Computer Lab
  • Creativity Digital Design Lab
  • 3D Green Room Lab
  • STEAM Lab
  • Engineering Lab

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