American universities are recognized as some of the best in the world, particularly regarding the academic excellence and the graduates’ qualifications. But the system is quite different from what we have in Indonesia. So how does it work?

Virtually all U.S. universities start their 4-year bachelor’s programs with general education courses. These are introductory courses that give students a view of various disciplines and ensure they have a broad academic foundation that helps them decide on which major to pursue in year 3 & 4.

Students who are in year 3 & 4 specialize in their major of choice before graduating and joining the work force or pursuing a Master’s degree.


Students who directly apply at any university for the whole 4-year program need to consider the following:

  • Indonesian students are subjected to the same requirements as American students like the ACT Assessment plus the ACT Writing Test or the SAT with critical reading, mathematics, & writing scores – making it more challenging for Indonesian students to get accepted.
  • Indonesian students might have to meet additional admission requirements and follow specific guidelines.
  • Students must have superior high school grades.
  • Show proof of English proficiency
  • Provide letter(s) of recommendation
  • Write student essay(s) to demonstrate their motivation for applying to college.

Having all of this is no guarantee yet! Admissions counselors review each student’s academic and personal achievements and determine whether you are a good fit at the university (and will be academically successful!)


Since the general education courses are similar across U.S. institutions, many students in the U.S. opt to begin their first two years at a community college to complete the core courses, then transfer the credits and continue their study in their major of choice at a university.

This makes transferring from a community college such a great option because students who transfer have a higher chance of admission than students who apply directly because universities consider them as university ready.  These students have an American accredited transcript with their English language course titles and grades, meaning:

  • They may not need to prove English proficiency via a standardized test
  • They may not need to take the SAT or ACT

While grades are still important, students also demonstrate that they are already capable of college-level work in English.
Our partner, Broward College , like most community colleges, has established admission agreements with leading U.S. universities so that students can seamlessly transfer all or most of their credits to many prestigious U.S. universities.
Although starting your pathway to a U.S. degree directly in the U.S. is full of uncertainties, Sampoerna Universityhas created the two-year American College in Jakarta in collaboration with Broward College, preparing you to transfer to a leading U.S. university of choice to obtain your Bachelor’s degree.


Why should you start your U.S. education pathway with Sampoerna University?

Greater Chance of Admission

The credits earned here in Indonesia are identical to the credits earned at Broward College in Florida. Universities in the U.S. will see your transfer as a transfer from Broward College and as a result, you can seek admission to any of the leading American universities as a transfer student rather than an international freshman.

Get to Know the System Before Moving Abroad

You have the opportunity to get to know and adjust to the rigorous American education prior to your transfer to the United States. Studies have shown that students taking this pathway have higher study retention and graduation rates. Students who start here often graduate with higher GPAs than students who begin their study at a U.S. university as a first-year student, which means higher chances for you to get hired by multinational corporations.


By completing the first two years at our American College Program in Jakarta, Indonesia, parents can save up to 40 to 50 percent of the international tuition fee at America’s best universities compared to the conventional study-abroad programs. It also significantly reduces the risk of dropping out, a costly and unfortunate outcome.

World-Class Quality

The Sampoerna University American College provides you with distinguished academic programs accredited by international bodies and taught by Broward College-certified lecturers. Our program is designed to enhance your strong academic skills and critical thinking skills, as well as to equip you for innovation, leadership, and global competitiveness.

Free Academic Planning Consultation to Plan for Success

Before enrollment and study sessions begin, our academic advisors at the Student-Parent Advisory Center will help you to review and update your degree plan to find the best options for your academic goals. Our advisors will also ensure you to stay on track in pursuing the fastest, most certain, and most affordable pathway in obtaining your American degree, and will guide you during your transfer to study in the U.S.

Discuss your academic plan with our academic advisors at the Student-Parent Advisory Center now.